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PluginbbPressMembers/MemberPressbuddyPressUltimate Member
Pricingfreefree / paid for paid Membershipsfreefree / 250$ for paid extentions
Descriptiona classical BB-stlye forum system
Mainly for restricted Access to Content
SocialNetwork (Groups, Friends, Notifications)
official WP Plugin
Many features (with pro extentions)

4 Best WordPress Community Plugins

You have decided to launch a community website on WordPress, but how do you choose the right plugin? Luckily, there are plenty of options available to you. Check out this article to learn about the five best plugins available. We’ll compare each of them and explain how they work. Ultimately, we’ll narrow down our choices to one plugin that will suit your site and your audience. This plugin provides unlimited CSS capability, five ready-to-use skins, 350+ Font, awesome icons, and user badges. This plugin also features front-end password reset and safe user registration.


If you want to build a social community on your WordPress site, the PeepSo WordPress Community Plugin is an excellent choice. Its lightweight and practical design makes it easy to install and maintain, and its many features will help you build a robust community on your website. PeepSo is fully functional out of the box and doesn’t require the help of a developer or hacking to get started. Its social functionality includes multiple select, hashtag functionalities, community member blog posts, widgets, and live on-site notifications. Unlike many other similar plugins, it does not require you to use a developer or a web developer to make it work, and it has a highly responsive support system.

PeepSo features a dashboard where you can monitor the health of your community. It offers helpful information on member engagement, recent content, and gender demographics. You can also manage reported items and approve them. PeepSo provides numerous configuration options, grouped into groups for easier use. However, if you’re looking for a premium solution, you can purchase the Gecko theme, which is optimized for the PeepSo WordPress Community Plugin.

PeepSo integrates with your LMS, so your students and instructors can connect with one another and learn from each other. PeepSo has several add-ons and features for LMSs, and it supports LearnDash and LifterLMS. The PeepSo WordPress Community Plugin lets you showcase completed courses and enroll new students. You can also view enrollment and completion posts. There are many features available in this plugin, so check it out and decide if it is right for you.


The Youzify WordPress Community Plugin adds social networking functionality to WordPress websites. It integrates with BuddyPress and includes features such as a social wall, user friendships, messaging, and mentions. Youzify is fully customizable. It also offers a number of paid add-ons. If you’re not familiar with the Youzify WordPress plugin, here’s a quick guide to the main features.

Youzify has many features to enhance the way users can interact with your community. It adds a member directory page to your website, allowing your visitors to register using their social media accounts or by entering their email address and password. It also lets you control the information displayed about a user’s profile and lets you see their full profile. Youzify also allows you to filter the feed content by status, group, and mention.

Youzify also supports BuddyPress groups. Groups are easily accessible through Youzify’s templates, where members can browse through their groups and submit requests to join individual groups. The Youzify WordPress Community Plugin can also display details about group members and activities, including their status, email addresses, and other important information. Ultimately, it helps users interact with their communities, which can increase brand exposure, sales, and innovation.

Youzify includes many social networking features. It allows you to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and BBpress, as well as WooCommerce and Giphy. Additionally, you can set up a custom profile and a personalized message for users to see. The Youzify WordPress Community Plugin is an excellent way to boost your website’s traffic and engage your audience. You’ll be glad you did!

DW Question & Answer Pro

DW Question & Answer Pro is an excellent WordPress community plugin for creating a dedicated Q&A section on your site. The plugin allows you to add a forum-style question and answer section to your site, and it supports HTML and Markdown formats. It also offers private mode submissions, which can be used for providing confidential credentials or for use as a helpdesk system. Unlike traditional forums, the DW Question & Answer system automatically counts each time a question is viewed. You can also use HTML to add basic styling to your questions.

After installing DW Question & Answer Pro WordPress community plugin, you can customize your website with a Quora-like experience. Using the plugin will allow you to post questions, answer them, and follow others who ask similar questions. The plugin allows you to make your website interactive and easy to navigate. You can even make your site look more like a Quora page by enabling FAQ mode and adding a category for your questions.

DW Question & Answer PRO WordPress community plugin includes a number of advanced features that allow you to customize your community with a variety of features. The plugin also supports attachments and integrations Akismet anti-spam. This forum plugin supports multiple captcha types, including Google and FunCaptcha. Another great feature of the DW Question & Answer PRO WordPress community plugin is that you can manage question pages directly from the front end of your website.

The free version of DW Question & Answer is easy to install and lightweight, and has a sleek, modern design. It lets you add user-generated Q&A sections throughout your site. Users can even vote on their favorite answers. Other features of DW Question & Answer Pro include an add-on for different areas of your site. Moreover, you can customize seven email templates and manage extensive permissions.


If you have a WordPress community, you probably already have BuddyPress installed. If not, you can install it in a few clicks. You can then customize its features by enabling or disabling the features you need. The plugin also offers a variety of options for customizing its page structure, including the ability to create sub-menu pages and mark them as “parent”.

Adding BuddyPress to your community can help you create a more accessible site for all users. Because of its multilanguage support, it integrates with WPML. The plugin also enables members to select their preferred language and switches to it automatically. In addition, it offers email subscriptions to members, allowing administrators to send them messages relating to group activity, new topics, and events. Those interested in privacy might want to take a look at the BuddyPress group email subscription feature.

If you’d like to run a more social community, BuddyPress can help. In addition to creating a user profile, the plugin also allows members to create group chats and message one another privately. It even allows members to post and comment on other people’s blogs. It’s easy to install, and requires little or no technical expertise. A few minutes spent learning BuddyPress will pay off. And you’ll find it easy to customize to meet your community’s needs.

Another key feature of the BuddyPress plugin is its ability to attach media to any activity. To add a media to a post, you simply have to upload the media file, select the appropriate privacy settings, and then update the post. rtMedia offers 35 premium add-ons for media management, including a shortcode generator, sidebar widgets, and Instagram effects. Custom thumbnails for audio/video files are also available.

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