Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Google Analytics can of course be integrated into WordPress WITHOUT a plugin. However, the use of special plugins can bring the following advantages:

  • No editing in the code
  • No binding to a theme
  • Mostly better control over DSGVO requirements
  • Mostly more/simpler possibilities to transfer additional data to GA
  • If necessary display of visitor statistics directly in WordPress

For this reason, I would like to compare different Google Analytics plugins here.

PluginMonsterInsights FreeMonster Insights ProSite Kit by GoogleGA Google Analytics FreeGA Google Analytics ProExactMetrics FreeExactMetrics ProGoogle Analytics GermanizedAnalytify10WebAnalyticsSEOPress
Pricefreefrom 199$ p.a.freefreefrom 15$ one timefreefrom 199$ p.a.freetbdtbdfree
active installs2+ M2+ M700k500k500k1+ M1+ M20k100k
GA Dashboard in WPyesyesyes??yesyesnono
GPDRAnonymizeIPAnonymizeIP, Integration with Cookie Notice, CookieBot, browser opt-out?AnonymizeIPAnonymizeIP, Opt-Outonly AnonymizeIPyesyes, by defaultyes:
AnonymizeIP, Cookie-Banner, OptIn
eCommercenoIntegration for Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress?no?no?noIntegration for Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPressno
Engagement trackingnoforms, downloads, external links, ads?no?no?downloads, external linksdownloads, external links, AdSense, forms, Scroll Depthexternal LinksDownloads, external Links
custom dimentionsnoauthors, Logged In, category?no?no?noyesnoauthor, taxonomie, PostType

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