WordPress Post View Counter Plugins

I like to use a plugin in my projects to see which posts get the most views. Of course you can also evaluate this via Google Analytics, but for 2 reasons this additional option is important to me:

  • It is directly in WordPress and saves me the additional login.
  • I can easily find the posts with the most views since the last update and check which article I should optimize again.

Post Views Counter


  • view count in post overview list (sortable)
  • no annoying upsell advertising
  • counter with flexible resets


  • View count differs significantly from Google Analytics -> Bot detection not so good?
  • Styles are loaded in frontend, even if nothing is displayed


  • For web pages with page caching, the counting method via Fast-Ajax does not seem to work

Page View Count

This plugin is mainly intended to display the view count in the front-end


  • no display of views in the post overview list
  • no possibility to disable the output in the front-end

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