Best WordPress Site Management Software

Managing a WordPress site can be a daunting task, especially when you are handling multiple sites at once. Whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, or a web developer, you would want to save time on routine tasks and focus more on what’s important – creating and publishing great content. This is where WordPress Site Management Software comes into play.

These tools automate and simplify many of your routine tasks like updates, backups, security monitoring, and even content management. However, since the functions and price models are VERY different, we would like to try to provide an overview of the best WordPress Site Management Software available in 2023.

Comparison of WordPress site management software

Cost:Basic functions free for unlimited projects
individual Pro features for 1-2€ per month per feature per site
Basic functions free
individual Pro features for €8 per month per feature per site
Packages for 18€ or 53€
$19 p.m. for a page
$39 p.m. for 10 pages
$99 per month for unlimited pages
Basic function Free
Pro: $147 p.a. for 20 pages (1.2€ per page per month)
$447 p.a. for unlimited pages
Basic function Free
€16 p.m. for unlimited pages
€336 unlimited one time
Basic function Free
Pros: $49-149 p.m. for 20 pages
from $99 p.m. for 100 pages
from 8$ p.m. for 5 pages
gradually up to $75 p.m. for 200 sites
Manage:Free: Themes, Plugins, CommentsnoThemes, Plugins,Themes, Plugins,, Users, Posts, CommentsFree: Themes, Plugins, Posts, User
Pro: Settings
Free: Themes, Plugins, UsersBulk Posting, Users, Posts, Comments
Backups:Free: incremental, monthly in Cloud
Pro: hourly & ondemand
Pro: daily or realtime (surcharge)automatically, incrementally in cloud or remotelyFree: manuell
Pro: automatically and remotely
via various 3party pluginsPro: automatic Incremental Cloud Backupsautomatic backups (on own server or own cloud)
MigrationFree: Website-Boilerplate
Pro: clone, staging, migrate, depeloy, restore
nobackup-restorePro: Install, Migrate & StagingPro: Website-Boilerplate, Clone, StagingPro: Staging, Migration, Merge to liveClone, copy settings, Website-Boilerplate
Monitor:Free: manuell Performance check; Google Analytics integration
Pro: uptime every Moinute & automatic performance Checks; SEO-Rakings; broken links
Free: uptimeevery minute Uptime & SpeedPro: uptime, Broken Links
Free: Advanced Uptime Monitor
Free: manuell Performance Checks
Pro: Uptime
Uptime & Pagespeed Monitoring
Updates:Free: manuell
Pro: automatically with auto-rollback in case of problems
Free: auto-updatesautomatic (with screenshot comparison)Free: manuell UpdatesFree: auto UpdatesFree: manuell Updates 1-Click Updates
Security:Free: manual checks for errors, malware, old plugins, security settings
Pro: automatic checks
NO troubleshooting!
Free: BruteForce
Pro: daily scans (realtime with surcharge)
(via defender) one-click security tweaks, 2-factor passwords, IP lockout devices, and login masking
automated security scans, vulnerability reports
WAF bei hosted sites
Pro: manuell Maleware-ScanFree: manuell Checks
via Sucuri
from Plus: Malware Scan & Removal, Firewall, Hardening (by MalCare)2FA, Maleware-Scaner
Customers:Free: Manuell Reports, Access for team and customers
Pro: automatic whitelable reports
nowhitelable Reportswhitelable Reports
Enterprice: Team-Logins
Free: watermarks
Pro: Team-Logins, Witelable Reports
whitelabe plugin
OtherFree: Code snippets; 2FA, 1click-Login, Local-Environment-SyncFree: CDN
including access to 11 Pro Plugins (features mentioned above partly shown above)Code Snippets
selfehosted: a separate WP instance serves as a dashboard
Pro: BulkArtikels
Multisite-SupportAuto-Publishing; Article-Spinner, Affiliate Network Integrations, Insert Ads

WordPress site management software in detail


ManageWP has been a favorite among WordPress site managers for years. It provides a single dashboard from which you can manage all your WordPress sites. You can perform updates, backups, security scans, and performance checks with just a few clicks. The Orion backup system is especially noteworthy. It allows for real-time incremental backups, meaning you won’t lose any of your work.


If you are looking for a free and open-source option, MainWP is an excellent choice. MainWP is a self-hosted WordPress site management tool that allows you to handle all your WordPress sites from a single dashboard. It provides features such as updates, backups, and security scans. One unique advantage of MainWP is that it gives you full control over your data as it is self-hosted.


InfiniteWP offers a unique, single master login for all your WordPress sites. It allows you to manage multiple sites and perform updates, backups, and security scans from one place. It also offers features like one-click updates, bulk site management, and the ability to manage plugins and themes across all sites.

iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync is a powerful tool for managing multiple WordPress sites from one location. It offers features like updating WordPress versions, plugins, and themes, as well as database backups, uptime monitoring, and SEO reports. It’s worth noting that iThemes Sync integrates well with the iThemes security plugin, making it a robust option for those prioritizing website security.

WP Remote

WP Remote is a free tool that offers simple, stress-free WordPress site management. It provides daily backups, automatic updates, and the ability to manage themes and plugins from a single dashboard. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to add and manage multiple WordPress sites.


Jetpack is a powerful tool developed by Automattic, the people behind It offers a range of features, including site management, security, performance optimization, and even marketing tools. Its centralized dashboard allows you to manage multiple sites, perform updates, and more.


While these are some of the best WordPress Site Management Software, the right choice for you will depend on your specific needs. Consider the number of sites you need to manage, your budget, your technical knowledge, and the specific features you need before making a decision.

And remember, while these tools can significantly reduce your workload, they are not a substitute for a comprehensive digital strategy. Always keep a keen eye on your site’s performance, security, and content quality to ensure your WordPress site’s success. Happy managing!

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