Run a giveaway

You want to promote your own WordPress product for free? We can help!

If you are selling WordPress themes, plugins or related services, we can give you an instant promotional boost. We specialize in running giveaways for our partners to get them as much new interested users as possible.

Here is what we can offer:

  • We would publish an exclusive giveaway for your product on WP Deals
  • The giveaway would be promoted all over the website, on our newsletter and on social media
  • This gives you a combined reach of about 10,000 WordPress experts and website owners
  • We can include all the promotional material you want
  • We can make the participants go to your website or follow you on social media
  • We can optional create review posts or include your product in roundup reviews

What we need:

  • You don’t have to pay anything. The service is currently still completely free.
  • You only have to provide licenses for your product or access to your service that we can give to the winners
  • The (combined) value of the prize(s) should be at least $200

Partners that have used this offer in the past


If you are interested in partnering in a giveaway with us, just fill out the form below